Per Job Liability Insurance
When You Need It

Simple Process, Fast Quotes, No Annual Commitment

Per Job General Liability
Coverage for Trade Contractors

InsureMyTask’s general liability coverage protects contractors on a per job basis

Fast Quotes

Our quick and simple on boarding process
will craft the perfect insurance for your business
It couldn’t be easier, or faster

2 Minutes
To Apply For

5 Minutes
To File A Claim

Great Prices, No Annual Commitment




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How InsureMyTask Works?

InsureMyTask makes getting liability insurance fast & easy. We understand that cash flow and time is an important piece of running a business. Our per job liability insurance allows trade contractors to focus on make money instead the hassle of dealing with liability insurance, that’s our job. We take a flat fee per job, pay claims super fast and save your information to quickly apply for coverage for future jobs.

Flat fee per Job

No Annual Insurance

Coverage When
You Need it